Featured Potable Water Tank Waterproofing

Substructure damp proofing and concrete protection

Superstructure & Wet Area Waterproofing

Roof waterproofing and protection system

Potable Water tank ( drinking water reservoir ) waterproofing system

Water feature & Pool waterproofing

Planters area or Podium waterproofing

DryTex – Seamless elastomeric membrane features

  • Exceptional UV resistance and energy efficient
  • Ultimate polymer technology
  • Excellent flexibility at lower temperatures
  • Resistant to chemicals , alkaline and oil
  • Ultra Low VOC ,environmental safety and No-Flammable

Organix waterproofing system’s performance backed up by the most comprehensive testing , certification and given the quality and longevity of organix products including 10 to 25 years manufacturer backed warranty .

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